Allsec SmartHR
     Allsec SmartHR is simple yet comprehensive HR application covering entire life cycle of an employee - from Offer letter to Separation including leave management, performance management, training management apart from maintaining employee information.

    Allsec SmartHR – web based hosted application with the option of customisation to suit your processes / needs, is available with necessary support.

    Allsec SmartHR is fully integrated and configurable, with features such as work flow, access control, mail alerts and extensive MIS reporting.

Allsec SmartHR - Key Modules

Modules of Allsec SmartHR:

  • Employee on boarding
  • Compensation and Benefits definition
  • Info store
  • Posting (manages employee organisation unit changes and maintains history)
  • Performance Management
  • Leave Management
  • Training Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Career view
  • Separation
  • Employee self service
Employee information

Allsec SmartHR tracks and provides all employee related information - that includes

  • Personal details
  • Organisation unit related information
  • Contact details
  • Family and Nomination details
  • Career details
  • History of salary changes undergone , Compensation details
  • Training details - Recommended , Requested , attended
  • Performance rating details
  • Asset held details
Leave management

Allsec SmartHR allows you to create any number of leave types. Group employees on any organisation units for the purpose leave policy definition. Employees can make a request for approval of manager. Managers can approve , reject a leave request. Tracks employee leave balances. Allows managers to view leave calendar of the team

  • Track leave balances
  • Definition of holidays
  • Definition of Week off
  • Year end processes - Carry forward , validating minimum availed
  • Leave encashment
  • Leave request , approval
  • Compensatory off accrual
  • On duty , Work from Home
  • Mail alerts
Training Management

Allsec SmartHR tracks training attended and compares with requests / recommendations apart from linking it to Performance management module training recommendations during review process. Gives a comprehensive list of reports based on any organisation unit.

  • Group training topics / program
  • Identify training scope / category / type
  • Map role Vs Training requirement
  • Training request
  • Training recommendation / nomination
  • HR scheduling training program based on requests / recommendations
  • Adhoc training scheduling and mailers / for nominations
  • Training rating - by attendees / faculty
  • Training effectiveness - rating by managers / pre and post training
  • Training scheduled Vs training attended
  • Training mandays - attendees / faculty
  • Training budget Vs actual training cost
Performance Management

Allsec SmartHR performance management module is a simple application facilitating employees to set their KRAs ( can be individual specific or can be driven by role / job nature or any other organisation unit)/ define performance levels such as achieved , under achieved , over achieved etc thus facilitating rating during the review period. Capture review details with rating in line with actual achievements. Managers to approve or return for changes.

  • Group employees for performance appraisal
  • Allows employees to change set KRAs based on role change / transfers / change in market conditions etc with necessary approvals
  • Set review cycles such as quarterly / half yearly / annual
  • Link appraisal heads such as behavioural / training needs / career aspiration etc and link them to relevant review cycles
  • Employee self appraisal - approval / return by manager
  • Set and generate performance appraisal letters / based on employee groups / rating
  • Salary structure / organisation units update based on performance appraisal
  • View previous KRA set / review details
  • Provision to copy KRAs from previous KRAs
Employee self service

Enables employee capturing their own personal information with necessary approval from HR (optional feature) there by reducing HR time in capturing employee information apart from, HR having easy access to information. This module enables employee in

  • Capturing their own personal details
  • Making leave requests / approvals
  • Making a training request / recommending an employee for training on any topic
  • Setting KRAs / making changes to KRA based on business requirement / approving Set KRAs / KRA changes / KRA reviews
  • Capturing tax related investment details - for payroll purpose

Allsec BPO excels in Payroll Accounting and is equipped to provide JVs for all common FA applications, like Oracle, SAP, Tally, etc. The system is complete with Accruals, Actuals, Variable Pay and Final Settlements.

  • Each module has Dashboards that gives status of various data captured
  • Detailed - configurable MIS reporting for analysis on combination of Organisation units up-to three drill down levels giving sample details as given below based any past / present date / period - apart from host of other module level reports - Head count,Salary costs,Recruitment details.
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